When I made the decision to run for city council in my hometown of Cameron, Missouri there was no hidden agenda. Getting more people to take ownership of a better future has always been a passion of mine.

While at a leadership retreat 117 of us from all across the US and Canada (with just 1 day preparation) raised $70,000 in four hours by phone and email , and, we were not allowed to use our own money.  We had to “sell” the project to friends, co-workers, relatives and neighbors.  The next day we traveled from San Diego to Tijuana, organized ourselves into work groups and raised up over a dozen prefabricated houses and outbuildings in one day!  That experienced forever convinced me that any group of people with a vision worth pursuing, a commitment to make it happen and the courage to do whatever it takes could accomplish anything.

If I have a campaign platform it is only this:  I want to help more people to find and share inspiring ideas for building a better future.  We already have a good community.  We can make it even better.

I’ve decided to conduct a campaign of good ideas – yours!  I will pose a question each week and invite you, your friends, and others you may know to post suggestions, solutions, and sources.  Keep them brief, positive, and to the point and lets see how many “Ah Ha!” moments we can create together.