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In a recent exchange with Jack Randall the co-owner of a Cameron business (http://WindmillLeadership.com), I learned that the title “CEO” can also stand for Chief Encouragement Officer.  That made me wonder.  What if everyone in our community had a Chief Encouragement Officer – someone they trusted to cheer them on whenever they made a decision to do or say something courageous?  

Who is your Chief Encouragement Officer?  Who are you encouraging?  


The Government


We hear a lot of talk about government as if it is some foreign corporation.  Truth is, any government (municipal, county, state, federal) in a democratic republic like the U.S. is only an extension of ourselves, staffed not by strangers but by neighbors.  In the end we get the kind of government we deserve.  If we take our share of responsibility for the way things are, we vote, contact our representatives, and serve as volunteers in the community.  When we are proactive citizens rather than reactive consumers we find government to be more responsive, more responsible . . . and more like us.

How do we help more of our neighbors to reclaim their rightful place – helping to shape a better future?

Who Inspires You?

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One way we discover what we want from our future is to identify those in the community (living or dead) who inspire us.  Who in this community stands out to you?  (I’ll start with Mike O’Donnell, my fire chief, business owner, president of the Planning and Zoning Board and a dozen other major initiatives in Cameron.  Mike exemplifies citizenship to me.)

Communicating With Younger Residents

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We don’t hear as much as we could from younger residents about their best ideas. How do we make it easier for them to bring those ideas out in the open where more of us can see and support them?