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We have never gained much from complaining or blaming.  Those who inspire us are inventors, risk-takers, artists, and anyone who dares to choose to create opportunity where others see a hopeless situation.  What amazes us is that many of these people are ordinary folk like us.  This 18 minute video offers a variety of stories and ideas that just might inspire local new business that does well by doing good.  Take a peek.  Leave a comment.  Tell us what you are doing!

Majora Carter: 3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurship

Rain Garden App from NOAA

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While we anticipate the last snowfall of spring with the promise of needed moisture, we cannot help but to think creatively about how to prepare should the drought persist through 2013.  Here is one helpful idea from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that can be downloaded to your phone.Rain Garden APP

Street Garden Gangsta

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Okay.  So we don’t seem too interested in questions.  What about innovations elsewhere, neighborhoods and small communities taking control of their community script in small but powerful ways?

Check out this 10 minute video: http://www.ted.com/talks/ron_finley_a_guerilla_gardener_in_south_central_la.html.  WARNING: the speaker in the video uses a lot of profanity.  His concept is brilliant but his language could be a bit much for some.  He has managed to find a way to help children raise their own food in some innovative ways using readily available property.  Children learn valuable skills and life lessons and communities are strengthened.  to see the video, click: Street Gardens

How might this work in Cameron?  How about sidewalk strips – you know, that piece of ground about 24-36″ wide between the curb and the sidewalk, a neighborhood block planting party with kids?  Anyone up for that?

Consumer? Citizen? Is there a difference?

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“I believe in democracy as long as we understand that it is not something that we have but something we must do.”
Parker Palmer, Healing the Heart of Democracy

Quick quiz. The last time you took issue with a piece of proposed legislation, did you:
– Gripe
– Fire off a letter to the editor
– Do nothing
– Contact your elected official with a constructive criticism or a better idea?

How do YOU contribute to making democracy work in your community? What help would you welcome to become a more active participant?