Why Mayors Should Rule the World (Name of a TED talk – click here to see)

During a recent conversation with a Gen X’er I heard the familiar complaints about “that” political party and “those people” and how the government is wasteful and enabling of slackers, etc. What I never heard was a single word about what he intended to do to make it better.

To be fair, it would be difficult to do. Members of Congress each represent 500,000 constituents and Senators serve millions in most of their states. How does one make their voice count?

My truth is that most effective political action is local. We live in a certain community, know many of the leaders – some by first names. Hopefully we enjoy good reputations and access to city and county officials is fairly easy and inexpensive. One does not have to be a corporate lobbyist to get a hearing from a city council member or alderman – particularly to address a local concern or to share an idea to improve local life.

Instead of focusing so much energy and verbiage on what Washington cannot do, how about more of us consider what we can do locally. If 50% of every local community were to be positively engaged in helping their cities and towns to work for all of its citizens, the ripple effects would be unimaginably transformative of our national “can’t or won’t do” depression.

What’s your thought?