Okay.  I admit.  I am confused.

Who is paying the people who get so much press to tell us all that we need to fear one another?  Who profits from our becoming a nation of siloed homesteads?  Whose yacht, country club membership, or facelift is being financed by calling us into tribes that know only how to war with one another?

Who are these people who could not be elected to any office by any but an ignorant, riled up mob?

Tell me again, why are we taking our marching orders from them?  Why are we reading and reacting to their propaganda?  When are we going to stop being roosters in a cock fight for a small group of folk who pay huge sums to be entertained by the bruising of spirits, the shredding of confidence and the shedding of blood?

What happened to a government of the people, by the people and for the people – all people?  When did the FOR SALE sign go up on our children’s future?

What are we going to do about that?

Small steps.  We all can take small steps.  This is not rocket science . . . well it is, kinda.  But when a million people conspired to put a few of their own on the moon with less computer power than most of us carry in our cell phones, even re-taking our global community’s future and handing it off in better shape to new generations doesn’t seem all that daunting to me.  Is it really too hard, or, are we just not really committed to doing what we know is right?

Last week I and about 70 others in the greater KC Metro got to be in a workshop with Dr. Willam Barber II, a fresh voice.  Calling on people of good will to become informed, act on hope, and lift up basic moral values that truly once made this nation a land of the free and home of the brave instead of a country that seems to be pre-occupied and fearful.

He doesn’t confuse me.  He inspires me.  And I wonder, God, will my living ever inspire others to hope, too?

Clarify my confusion, O God.  Strengthen my resolve.  Let me pursue justice and peace with my neighbors.  Transform us. Unite us. Amen.